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About Us

Car-Vel Skate Center in Leon Valley is a place where the community can meet for enjoyment, socialization and exercise. Car-Vel Skating Center was established in 1967 where the Forsyth Family opened the doors for countless number of skaters for over four generations. Car-Vel skate Center is a great place for all ages and for all kinds of fun!


We at Car-Vel Skate Center have lots of activities for all ages and types of fun. We have public skating sessions, Private Parties, School Parties, Roller Derby bouts and much much more! Starting in January we will be bringing Zumba classes and skates for everyone. 

Welcome to Car-vel Skate Center

     Let me begin by thanking you and your family for supporting my long time passion of roller skating here in San Antonio. I've kept these doors open to the public since 1967. Our mission here at Car-vel Skate Center is to provide a safe and enjoyable place in San Antonio for all kids of any age group. 

     Roller skating originated in the 18th century. Then, it began to gain widespread popularity in the 1880s. Roller skating was very popular in United States from the 1930s to 1950s, then again in the 1970s when it was associated with disco music and roller discos.


     With the help of my dedicated staff, we are now bringing back this historic activity by adding some great music, lights, drop down video screens and enhance the enjoyment with a laser light show and fog. 

     This, plus a great concession stand filled with food and drinks, skating lessons by the well known skating instructor Chasity, skate sales and finally  the best birthday promotion package to celebrate that special upcoming birthday for you or your kids.


     Car-vel Skate Center also is proud to announce that they will be creating some new promotions and discounts to help our community overcome the effects of Covid-19 this past year. 

     It's time to put those smart phones down and stop watching so much TV. It's time to come out with the family and get some exercise while having fun.....all at the same time. 

    I look forward to meeting you soon. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have .


                                                                                                                        See you soon!


                                                                                                           Owner of Car-vel Skating Center